Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Family ties

"Please extend warmest Christian greetings from the Caribbean, and especially from me and from all the writers in this region," wrote author Pearl D. Griffith of Trinidad, who is unable to attend this year's LittWorld. "I cherish deeply every memory of the time shared with people from around the world, with their rich heritage of mixtures, textures and cultures, all celebrating The Written Word."

Over the years, a kind of Littworld "family" has evolved--men and women bonded by their shared experience at LittWorld and on a deeper level by the ministry of the written word. Pearl belongs to this "family," and we will miss her at LittWorld 2009.

If you, like Pearl, cannot attend LittWorld 2009 but would like to send greetings to the LittWorld family gathered in Nairobi, please use this blog or send me an email, We'll see that your greetings are shared with the group.

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