Wednesday, October 7, 2009

....And Counting

Lately we're getting questions about numbers. How many speakers will you have at LittWorld? a friend asked today. "At least 43," I said. How many publishing houses will be there? I hadn't counted yet, but more than 20 came immediately to mind, and I know there'll be more. What about French-speakers? someone e-mailed today. I thought of at least a dozen offhand.

Then, the most frequent question: How many people have registered so far? It looks like about 140. The numbers vary from day to day, as new people register and a few others drop out for health and other reasons.

Frankly, we've been so busy with preparations that we haven't stopped yet to do all the counting. That will come later. We just pray that every single person the Lord wants in Nairobi for LittWorld will in fact be there.

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