Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hearing the Call

By Lawrence Darmani, Ghana

It was at the 2004 LittWorld in Manila, the Philippines, and the workshop I attended was almost over. The resource person was about to wrap up the lively discussion, but I felt that something was amiss—like the uncertain moments before a downpour. That feeling emanated from this habit of mine that lures me to watch people at meetings from the corners of my eyes to see if their faces communicated anything. And I did see one forlorn face.

She had been mostly quiet during the session, but then she brightened up a little toward the end. Just before we broke, her hand shot up. We all sat back to listen.

“This is my first time here [at LittWorld] and I didn’t want to come in the first place because I had been in transition and didn’t know in what direction my life should go—but now I know!” She wiped her drenched eyes. I was amazed as I watched her pour out her heart to all of us strangers.

Coming from France, and having recently felt compelled to resign from a lucrative job, she sought to find out what God would have her do thenceforth. She clung to God’s promise that He had a plan for her life, to give her a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). “All through this workshop I listened for God’s answer to the yearning in my heart,” she said, “and heard him loud and clear!” Then she delivered emphatically, “God is calling me into the literature ministry—I’m now convinced about it.”

I could tell from the brightness of her countenance that she had come to this realization like someone who had battled with the calling and finally responded positively.

In an environment like LittWorld the voice of the Lord gets clearer, calling men and women, confirming in their hearts and placing in their hands the tool for effective ministry—the printed word. In the coming few days at Littworld at the Brackenhurst Conference Centre, I believe the Lord will repeat His call to prepared hearts.

Photo: Lawrence Darmani (right) with Pearl Griffith (at his left) and other Caribbean participants at LittWorld 2006 in Brazil

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