Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A team of global voices

Dawn H. Jewell

As a group from nearly 40 nations, our mealtimes here are a taste of the cultural diversity we'll enjoy in heaven, on top of the Kenyan cuisine and luscious tropical fruit.

Dining together at one table may be a South African novelist and scriptwriter, a Filipino journalist, an Indonesian missionary writer to the Philippines, a Tanzanian retired Anglican bishop who wants to write fiction, and many others.

This shared fellowship and exchange of ideas from around the globe, inspires and sharpens vision. This morning after hearing the session “Hope for Africa: What writers and publishers can do,” a Nigerian writer told me, “I want to be a voice of God in Africa.” He recently completed a manuscript of scripturally-based motivational writings.

Others here sorely need encouragement. One woman I talked with is the sole paid staff and manager, publishing books for a major language group. Stretched by limited time, resources and old equipment, she is exhausted and waiting for God to move.

Yet others are here to share years of wisdom with those less experienced. Publishing and marketing directors from Russia, Brazil, the Philippines and the UK offer tools and next steps. “We all play different parts on a team,” said Geraldine Shepherd, a human resource expert from the UK. She was teaching this afternoon on how to lead a productive team, a group that achieves a common purpose.

The ministry of the written word requires a global team of voices in each country and language group for the common purpose of feeding spiritually hungry readers. Please keep praying that LittWorld nourishes the men and women who will create the words that feed their people.

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