Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lipstick and Inspiring Christian Books

Dawn H. Jewell

Remember Avon? Think lipstick and perfume. When my husband was only 4 or 5 years old, he wanted to be an Avon lady. He fondly recalls visiting his grandma's house when the Avon lady rang the bell to sell the latest cosmetics. Grandma always served cake, coffee and other treats to the Avon lady, which my husband loved. She and the Avon lady chatted and laughed together as my husband savored his cake. What a great job she has, he thought!

Back to present day Avon in Brazil. Thanks to the creative marketing of Mundo Cristao publishers (MC), Brazilian women are ordering their cosmetics and quality Christian books and Bibles all via the Avon catalog. In only two years, women have purchased more than 1.2 million MC products via Avon.

"Go where the readers are," exhorted Claudinei Franzini, marketing director of MC, to this morning's audience. Every three months, Claudinei and his staff pray over which new books they present to Avon. Today more than 22 MC titles grace the Avon catalog.

"We need the courage to dream," Claudinei told the 150 men and women here. As they prepare to scatter across the globe to their home countries, pray they have the courage to dream and strength to act on what they've learned here.

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