Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MAI “Ambassador to Cameroon”

By John Maust

“Do it lively! Put some life!” Who could say, no, to Dr. Magdalene Awa of Cameroon, leading a chorus at LittWorld 2006 in Brazil. Even the most traditional (stuffy?) among us began bouncing and turning to the African rhythm. (See this at )

Dr. Awa is one of the most unique, not to mention gifted (and exuberant), people I’ve met at LittWorld. The married mother of 6 earned master’s and doctoral degrees in History. She is a published expert on African family and gender issues, and helped start a female Christian publisher and writers group.

Several years ago, Dr. Awa urged us to hold the coming LittWorld in Africa, and she welcomed MAI to her country any time—dubbing herself our “ambassador to Cameroon.”

Dr. Awa and her husband have spent recent months in the U.S. visiting family and getting medical care. Earlier this week she called, wanting the latest news from MAI and LittWorld. She may not attend LittWorld in Nairobi, due to health and other issues. But her heart and prayers will be with us. When we sing and worship at LittWorld, let’s “do it lively” in Dr. Awa’s honor.

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